MULTIMOVE SHIPPING AND TRADING LTD., we take the liberty to introduce as one of the leading and most versatile shipping enterprise of Bangladesh having her corporate head office at Chittagong with branch offices at Dhaka and Khulna / Mongla, catering quality services to the shipping and forwarding industry in the hall mark of multimove’s business.

The group backing Multimove in Bangladesh is strong, dynamic and influential with vested interest in various maritime related projects in Bangladesh. The financial strength of the group coupled with the excellent reputation it enjoys both locally and internationally, have enabled Multimove to expand her activities with a short span of time.

We are pleased to list below the quality services rendered by Multimove Shipping and Trading Ltd. – attending to liner / tramp vessels at all ports of Bangladesh with quick berthing, swift loading / discharging operation and prompt demurrage free turn – around.

Also assist owners with crew change, clearing and delivery of ship’s spares, stores, mail and provision round the clock, 7 days a week.

Bunker supplies and lubricants – Multimove arranges reliable supplies of bunker and lubricants at a very competitive rates at all ports of Bangladesh through its own source and fleet of self propelled barges.

Ship to ship Multimove undertakes lighterage operation between vessels of any size and offers a complete package for transportation of crude oil petrochemical products and liquidified gas.

P&I – Multimove assists with such mattes as claim, legal assistance and surveys. Multimove has both the local and international knowledge to deal with any problems encountered, providing immediate round the clock assistance to master / owners / operators and P&I club in relation to any incident which may result in a claim.

Cargo service – as a pioneer of innovative freight systems in Bangladesh and in constantly striving to improve efficiency, Multimove has added a number of new dimensions to the mere traditional ones of clearing and forwarding, project cargo handling, air freight, packing, ware housing and international removals.

As separate cargo services department has been established with its net work for transportation and distribution services.

From the very inception, the company has been striving hard to establish business contacts with the aristocratic lines/ship owners of the world for rendering dedicated services to their vessels calling in our ports Chittagong and Mongla (Khulna).

In fact, the sincere motive of the company is to safeguard the interest of her foreign principals in all respect, in this endeavour the company has been successful in attaining kind assignment for the numerous principals/ship owners of the world with appreciation and has been serving towards their cause with their fullest satisfaction.

The company whilst, was busy to serve her foreign principals, she came in contact with various illustrious ship owners of the world to whom the company has been serving with dedication to make their venture in Bangladesh totally successful. Since, with the advent of containerized trade, the days of conventional vessels are now becoming gloomy day by day. But we have expertise of handling conventional vessels of all descriptions to make the deal of the ship owners beneficial in all respect whilst, their good vessels call our port to load or discharged. We remain vigilant and hence we allow no quarter to manipulate our valued principals in any respect.

In fact, we have been handling break bulk vessels both on liner and free out basis in our ports. On many occasions we chartered vessels for transportation of cargoes from different ports of the world to and from Bangladesh and in that event we had remitted freight of their vessels in time, without any dispute/complexities. We have also handled many scrap vessels for demolition in Chittagong.

Now, it is a matter of extreme pleasure for us that, by dint of our extra ordinary performances, our company has been maintaining excellent business relationship with all of our principals and valued ship owners, who have been utilising our services in our ports, time to time.

Normally, we undertake the agency works for owners, disponent owners, charterers, operators and ship managers for which the operations are handled by our dedicated agency Dept. Where a qualified team of operators are available to handle vessels of great versatility and have been doing this for our major principals for many years.

In addition, we have been handling tramp vessels of our various good principals on a regular basis. We have also been assisting our valued principals with the dry docking and repairing works of their vessel in our reputed Chittagong dry dock holding ISO 9002 status. The cost of dry docking and repair here is less expensive and over all economical to the owner, as the desired works relating to dry docking and repairing works have been done with our direct supervision with a view to safeguard owners interest, in all respect.

Our company has kept pace with the progressive changes that have been occurring in shipping arena and cargo handling. As regards cargo utilization. Containers. Roll on/roll-off and geared itself to the demand of the handling of a wide ranges of vessels to mention some of which general cargo, bulk carriers, product carriers, crude carriers, chemical carriers etc. Which were developed during the past decades.

Now, we are very much interested to expand our activities in the field of containerised cargo as in respect of export cargo movement from Bangladesh, presently she is booming with tremendous out bound cargo. The main exports from Bangladesh are garments/leather/jute products/jute carpets/urea fertilizer/handicrafts etc. To USA/Europe/Africa/Far eastern ports/Japan/Middle east Australia etc. In respect of import cargo for Bangladesh, you are fully aware that, Bangladesh economy is total import oriented to feed her industries, factories, population, even consumer goods sector.

In addition, we have been manning the goods vessel of our some principals, owning big fleet, with competent marine officers, engineers and crew members from Bangladesh holding all relevant certificates as per convention STCW 1995 from U.K., Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Ireland, Belgium etc.

It is not needless to mention here that, we are the exclusive manning /crewing agents of M/s. Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and M/s. National Iranian Tanker Co., Tehran, Iran, and have been working with them since 1998 with their entire satisfaction.

We have drawn a brief picture on shipping trade through our ports and therefore would very earnestly request you to kindly explore the possibility/potentiality of strengthening your already existing trade relation with our ports. As you know our ports are fully equipped with modern cargo/container handling equipments and fully capable to handle your vessels/boxes expediously like other modern ports of the world.

We have a network comprising of well experienced and dedicated marketing personnel’s, who will give you appreciable inducements of cargo for our mutual benefit and make your venture a grand success in Bangladesh. Our operation Deptt. Will always remain vigilant to look after your vessels/boxes in our ports and simultaneously our sincere and dedicated services shall always remain at your command.

Finally, we assure you that, we work 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to look after interest of our valued principals and we assure you that your interest would be always well secured in your professional hands. Therefore please do not hesitate to bestow responsibilities on to us for rendering our sincere and dedicated services to safeguard the interest of the Vessel/Maser/Owners and all of our valued principals and clients.

We are bestly located in our port city of Chittagong having full fledged branch offices at our 2nd port Mongla and capital city of Dhaka and our shipping wing has been working in this shipping arena to provide mainly logistic support to this industry with an international shipping identity.

Shipping in wider sense now-a-days, entails containerised trade/handling of container traffic/vessel, in addition to the handling of conventional vessels with great versatility, with port uses’ vast experience of last two decades, we are conversant with handling of break bulk/conventional vessels and containerised cargoes/vessels. Thus, with a view to providing our all-out services to this sector and to keep pace with the rapid development in containerised trade, our company have deeply penetrated into the industry and have already secured her position to be the leading.

We work towards meeting all requirements for our valued principals, clients and customers and we render our dedicated services, for their cause, as well.