We offer complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence centers located in most of the seafaring nations across the globe.

We ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency and increased comfort to our customers who are ship owners and ship managers. In order to provide properly qualified seafarers we ensure careful screening and selection procedures ahead of deployment.

In addition we take the highest interest in seafarer satisfaction in order to maintain high retention rates and continuity of service for the customer fleet.

We have been working in this Shipping Circle for the last one and half decades and thereby we know better about the real requirements of Ship Owners for handling and safe Manning of their good vessels. Presently We Have In Our Pool 450 Nos Of Key And Other Officials Who Are Lying Employed And Enjoining Vacation Time To Time, Both From Deck And Engine Sides Including Ratings Of Both Sides.

we have been working as the exclusive ship Manning Agents of  M/S. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN SHIPPING LINES, TEHRAN, IRAN in Bangladesh (Working through their Head Office, Tehran, and European Branch Office in London, UK), M/S.NATIONAL IRANIAN TANKER CO., THERAN,IRAN, and also through their Sharjah Office, UAE for last 10(Ten) years. Apart from above we have also been working with M/S. IRAN-O-HIND SHIPPING CO., THERAN, IRAN, M/S.HELLAS MARINE, Malaysia and in that event, we have been supplying them with our skilled, experienced, Bangladesh Marine Officers, Engineers and Crew Members, certified and qualified as per STCW,95 and other statutory regulations now in force, to cater their needs in operating their good vessels for trading all over the world.

As you know, our officers are holding certificate from the UK / IRELAND / RUSSIA / UKRAINE / AUSTRALIA / SINGAPORE / HONG KONG / BANGLADESH ETC. Junior Officers both nautical and engineering are coming from our Marine Academy, after completion of their two years pre-sea training. Our Academy is being conducted as a Branch of World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden.

Our Crew Members are having training from Government Maritime Institute in Chittagong and they are to undergo two years both practical and theoretical training as per STCW 1995 rules. They are trained in such a way  that, they can understand Command in English and speak in English. They are peace loving, rice and curry eaters and obedient on board. Our Crew Members are capable to exchange views with multiple races and nationals and can withstand all climates round the globe throughout the year