Ship Charterer

Chartered vessels are handled by separate department other than OPA in closed compliance of all the available terms of the C/P without any controversy with the OPA/owners upholding cent percent  interest of the charterer/receivers for the vessels under loading/unloading as the cases may be.

Both the Owner Agency and Chartering Agency function separately maintaining independent entity as per terms of C/P as if two separate companies – one working as Owners Agents on  owners behalf and other working as Charterer Agent on charterer behalf without any contrast of interest as provided in the relative C/P.
Declaration and entry of scrap vessels into Custom and Port  is very much sensitive one to keep the buyers position well abreast by serving proper notification after custom entry and arranging inventory preparation by Custom Intelligence for timely custom assessment keeping in view of days high tide time ahead for proper beaching of the vessels in terms of MOA otherwise the buyers in connivance with the buyers local brokers will swallow all profit earned if chance permissible by including substantial quantum of blood and flesh of the owners
On the pretext of rate of exchange and international market rate.
Candidly speaking this is peculiar and fantastic deal contrary to declaration of normal vessels/tankers.

While handling chartered vessel under our agency compliance of all chartered terms are rigidly followed as per CP Terms without prejudice or contradicting interest of any party involved thereon. All interest of the charterers are always rightly upheld without any hindrance or interference from any quarter.